Thomas Stringfellow, a well-known financial advisor in Johannesburg, had been placing client money in unregulated investment schemes since around 2010 – but the schemes have since collapsed.
The South African car market continues to struggle as financially stretched consumers increasingly opt for older cars at lower price points.
The Iqbal Survé-linked transaction is one of the most controversial to be interrogated at the commission of inquiry.
Employees should get proper advice prior to launching an urgent application against the employer in court.
South Africa’s economic situation and above-inflation rates and taxes hikes have forced property investors to look overseas for growth opportunities.
The ‘go-slow’ strike led to delays in the dropping off and collection of goods, hurting the automotive, citrus, meat, textiles and electronic sectors.
The issuing of fines for speeding and other traffic violations has grown into a multi-billion rand industry in South Africa, where road safety is not always the primary goal.
‘Africa’s successful development depends on building the right conditions for its new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.’
The Integrated Resource Plan, which details the country’s future energy needs in all forms, is being finalised and will then go before cabinet for approval in September.
The insurer turned the tables on its former CEO, saying he was also responsible for the company paying Trevor Manuel’s legal fees in his battle against the Guptas.
The pensioner’s daughter, who is a lawyer, intends dragging Absa Bank before the Ombudsman and National Credit Regulator.
The outward trade mission is led by the Trade and Industry department through the export marketing and investment assistance (EMIA) programme,
Experts foresee that the traditional desk job will come to an end, saying entrepreneurship is key and young people have to be prepared.
The Bank has held Correspondent Banking Academies and regional workshops across its footprint in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Business News Petrol price to go up by 11 cents, diesel price to decrease

The price of diesel 0.05% sulphur will decrease by 13.29 cents and that of diesel 0.005% sulphur will go down by 14.29 cents per litre.

Business News Eskom’s turnaround will not happen in 18 months – experts

That target is unrealistic and over-optimistic, energy experts agree, with one saying it could take up to 10 years to get the utility back on track.

Three top executives placed on suspension at Sars

The Nugent inquiry’s recommendations are continuing to be implemented.

Business News Denel to pursue legal action against former bosses to recover losses

The SOE’s CEO says the entity has initiated several forensic investigations into alleged fraud and misappropriation of funds.

Business News Eskom in a ‘death spiral’ but somehow still on ‘right track’ – outgoing CEO

‘If government had to give us R100 billion, in a few years’ time we would be back to where we were,’ Hadebe said.



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