Employees should get proper advice prior to launching an urgent application against the employer in court.
Prolonged low economic growth could lead to even more economic flight by those with skills and capital, regardless of racial grouping.
Jumia’s reception in New York raises hopes for investors.
Why does South Africa decline real support for its neighbour as Zimbabwe’s embattled government calls for economic help?
Corporate and personal income tax collections have slowed since October, and Eskom is a major concern.

Johann Rupert’s 5 steps to business success

Candid insights from one of the wealthiest men in Africa.

What to expect from the markets in 2019

Views from local and international experts.

Ramaphoria not helping economy

The positive change in South Africa’s mood following President Cyril Ramaphosa replacing Jacob Zuma has not yet influenced our economy.

Why ‘mashonisas’ remain such popular informal lenders

A recent report sought to find out why low-income consumers opt to borrow from illegal lenders, rather than accessing formal credit lines.

Zwane’s Mining Charter just another pro-Zuma gambit

This populism on steroids cares little for the actual health of the industry or the country.

Outdated political ideology is the sick man of this country

Essential reading for the ANC as it prepares for its policy conference later this month.

Quarterly labour force figures paint a grim picture

The reality and facts are awful, and we must face them.

There is no financial tsunami on the horizon

President Jacob Zuma’s actions have caused the country and economy great harm and their ramifications will probably continue for many years to come.

A blueprint for financial survival

A financial tsunami heading our way… what to do?

SA needs to do more to plug its deficit than target the rich

In his 2017/18 budget speech, Pravin Gordhan opted to focus on taxing high income earners to find desperately needed money.

The odd meaning of ‘radical economic transformation’ in SA

In his state of the nation address, Zuma spoke emphatically of ‘radical economic transformation’, causing nationwide debate. What does it mean?

Business rescue statistics must be read in context

There is much more to the numbers.

Irony-free Cyril willing to invest further billions in ‘predictable’ SA

In a column penned by the deputy president, Ramaphosa says SA is governed in a ‘stable and predictable way’. Really now?

Zama-zamas here to stay, top mining lawyer says

Widespread poverty will continue feeding the desperation that keeps zama-zamas going underground, top lawyer says.



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