Distress is normally identified when a company is no longer profitable, when it’s not a going concern anymore, when it has major problems.
SAA: Why waste time arguing over a dying horse before shooting it in the head?
Pilots at SAA have it real good, it seems. So good that they play a massively disproportionate role in the company’s costs. The only way to end it is to kill off the airline.
He is not alone, and it’s not a simple laughing matter.
Expect bad news in Mboweni’s mid-term budget, warns expert
Meanwhile, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) warned Mboweni against continuing with his ‘anti-worker’ public posture.
There is no way an economy that does not manufacture goods massively will be able to create jobs, and land reform is crucial.
Employees should get proper advice prior to launching an urgent application against the employer in court.

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