Only some 130 restaurants worldwide hold the prestigious guide’s highest distinction.
You have to weigh less than 120kg to be allowed on this thrilling ride.
Because the structure of male and female skin differs, Skin Republic has developed products to specifically target these different skin concerns for matching radiant skin this Valentine’s Day.
AKA says he never hated Burna Boy and, in fact, considers him a winner.
Dulse, known as the ‘bacon of the sea’, is a red alga that makes a great snack.
Some people recount meeting their partner and knowing they were ‘the one’.
Here is a list of winners in key categories at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, which took place Sunday in Los Angeles.
What you need to know about hearing loss
Consider regular hearing tests if you work in a noisy environment as this can provide early detection of hearing loss.
In addition, organisers have mended fences with Word of Mouth Productions and Ferguson Films, who have resolved to submit their work for consideration for awards this year.
South Africa has been conducting routine temperature screening for all international travellers.
Prefer it spicy? Add a little chilli powder to the seasoning flour.
2020 promises to be an exciting year for tourism and technology in South Africa.
Drug resistant bugs on the rise – study
This as two new reports revealed a weak pipeline for antibiotic agents.
‘Being a mom is by no means easy as out of four, I have two fussy eaters at home.’

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