At present there is no licenced drug to prevent or treat Ebola.
Through VR, seniors can go places they’ve never been and check destinations off their bucket lists.
Schedule your exercise sessions the same way you schedule work meetings – look at it as you essentially setting a meeting with your health.
People with histrionic personality disorder feel very uncomfortable if they are not the centre of attention and are easily influenced by others.
Japan had previously required researchers to terminate animal embryos implanted with human cells after 14 days.
The team has successfully built functional heart parts out of collagen using a 3D bioprinter.

Humans aren’t designed to be happy – so stop trying

Happiness is a human construct, an abstract idea with no biological basis. But this is something to be happy about.

How breastfeeding can benefit both mother and baby

Postmenopausal women who have breastfed their children have a 23% lower risk of stroke.

North Korea surprises all at the World Memory Championships

Despite fielding a team of just three contestants, led by Pang, they collected seven gold medals, seven silvers and five bronze.

Diet key to beating cancer – study

‘What this study is showing is that there are many situations where a drug by itself doesn’t work, but if you combine the drug with the diet, it works.’

Women who started their periods early could have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes

Diet and exercise have also been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of the disease.

Why you should think twice about moving house when pregnant

Research findings show that women who move house during the first trimester have a 42% increased risk of having a premature birth.

Survey shows women avoid gym for fear of being judged

They fear things such as being judged on their weight, as well as for not using equipment properly or doing exercises correctly.

Being a healthy weight can protect against dementia – study

New UK research has found that maintaining body weight and avoiding weight gain or loss in older age could help prevent the onset of dementia. Led by the University of Wolverhampton, the new study set out to investigate whether being overweight or obese in older age reduces or increases the risk of incident dementia, which […]

Talking to teens about sex could encourage safer sexual behavior

Being more open with your teenager about sex could encourage them to practice safer sex.

Vitamin D supplement shown to slow diabetes progression – study

Taking a vitamin D supplement could help slow down the progression of type 2 diabetes in those who have recently been diagnosed with the disease.

Scientists find link to autism

And it’s not vaccinations.

The benefits of strength training for all ages

There are a variety of ways to build muscle and these include utilising one’s body weight, free weights or machines.

What you need to know about irritable bowel syndrome

In most cases, you can successfully control mild symptoms by managing stress and changing diet and lifestyle.

E-cigarettes are ‘undoubtedly harmful’

This is according to the World Health Organisation.




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