WATCH: Thirsty elephant opens tap to drink from a sink
Stunned tourists looked on as the elephant helped itself to “plenty of drinking water”.
The traditional tandoor oven is altering an age-old drink.
These are the African places we know will be in the final book.
This at a time when environmental activists are encouraging less air travel.
The government has started cleaning up the beaches and vowed to close down establishments that violate regulations.
No US cities made the top ten list, despite the international reputation of American universities.

WATCH: Busta Rhymes arrested after air-rage incident

This is not the first time the rapper has been in trouble for his rage.

Ethiopia attempting to plant 4-billion trees

Ethiopia was one of only five countries ranked as having a “sufficiently ambitious” contribution to the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

WATCH: Giant wave sweeps away tourists at waterpark

44 people were injured when a wave machine malfunctioned

London tourists cheer a cheaper pound

London lovers from the world over are revelling in the lucky break in what is otherwise a very expensive city.

Weird travelling companions

One thing I’ve learned is that, if a photographic opportunity presents itself, seize it; the picture will never be there on the way back.

Paying the price in Iceland

According to the consumer price comparison site Numbeo, a dinner for two in an average restaurant comes to about R1,320.

Lord Milner Hotel: Totally revamped, but the spirits of yesteryear linger

There are said to be spirits of British officers and soldiers who hang over the hotel balustrade, drift through the library or wait on the station platform for trains that never arrive to take them home.

Adventurers test theory about ancient travel

Were the ancient Egyptians able to use reed boats to travel as far as the Black Sea thousands of years ago?

Plastic rubbish destroys island paradise

Floating plastic garbage has swamped a remote Pacific island once regarded as an environmental jewel and scientists say little can be done to save it while a throwaway culture persists.

Croatia has a long history of nudist resorts

Koversada opened in 1961 as Europe’s first commercial naturist camp.

Opinion: The road back from anywhere

Iceland is like nowhere else on earth, but the local people are trying to change that.

Twelfth sighting of Loch Ness monster puts 2019 on track to be a record year

Meanwhile, studies by Professor Neil Gemmell suggest something may be down there.

Is this the most eco-friendly tour ever?

Amsterdam’s tourists are helping keep the city green.

Explore Joburg on foot with a walking tour

Explore the historic Market Theatre and Market Square, or enjoy some impressive artwork and graffiti.




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