New desserts include the fastest seller – vegan mango and coconut panna cotta with a pistachio praline and fresh mango salsa.
The restaurant has a decadent dessert menu that one can enjoy without the guilt often associated with sugary treats.
Bvlgari Resort Dubai is set to host two exceptional festive brunches.
SA’s king of the seafood chain has brightened up its offering without losing any of the famous tastes it’s become the go-to seafood place for.
There needs to be more awareness of the benefits of insects as food, and support for farming and markets.
Lipton Ice Tea has introduced new Sugar Free Iced Tea in Peach and Lemon flavours, the perfect combination of sun-kissed tea leaves combined with fruit juice to give you a delicious refreshing taste.

food and drink Recipe: Marmalade, horseradish & rosemary glazed ham

Orange marmalade, mustard, horseradish and rosemary combine to make a sensational glaze for this perfect festive roast.

food and drink Recipe: Cranberry Grand Marnier sparkler

This colourful cocktail is a refreshing option for holiday toasts and special occasions.

food and drink 24 vegan dishes to try

From avocado gelato, meatless burgers, and blue algae acai bowls, here are 24 vegan dishes to try before you die.

food and drink Drinking coffee might help you live longer, study reveals

Those who drink coffee have shown signs of having healthier livers and circulatory systems.

food and drink Five great local spots to watch the Rugby World Cup

Unable to be in Japan for the Springboks’ assault on the World Cup? Here’s a few ideas for a rugby getaway right at home.

food and drink The Belgian Beer Café launches in Parkhurst

Apart from beer tasting, TBBC will also host quiz nights and book clubs.

food and drink The world’s best vineyards for 2019

The list ranges from small boutique wineries to ancient cellars, and goes beyond just wine.

food and drink Appetite fest returns with Australian Masterchef judges

A festival of food, drink and cooking takes place in September at Times Square.

food and drink World’s best sommelier hated wine a decade ago

‘To me (wine) stank and it didn’t taste nice and I didn’t want to drink anything at the parties with school friends.’

food and drink Woman pays R2500 so shop lobster can go free

The 100-year-old, 1,2m lobster had earlier been the centre of a heated debate as to his future.

food and drink Why MSG was demonised for decades

It was popular across the world until 1968 when a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine triggered its vilification.

food and drink Luscious lunches

When it comes to a packed lunch, not only do you need something that’s healthy and delicious, but you also need something that’s quick and easy to prepare.

food and drink Rooibos breaks into global chocolate market

Master chocolatier Daniel Waldis says he has been experimenting with rooibos for some time.




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