It’s a mystery why big brands continue to throw huge amounts of marketing money at a group that can’t buy what they’re selling.
With his debut, exhibition director, actor, and comedian Bevan Cullinan captures the soul of British rock.
NASA is looking for 24 people who can spend 60 days in a bed to study how artificial gravity affects the human body.
Five of the six thrones have already been found, with only one left undiscovered.
The book is a collection of quotes, memories, and images celebrating the life of the American chef.
Krebs was caught carrying 2.2kg of heroin when he attempted to leave the airport in Thailand.

Mathematics’ Nobel prize goes to a woman for the first time

Karen Uhlenbeck is the first woman in history to earn the distinction from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

JK Rowling is roasted with very NSFW jokes

The author is being taken to task over her comments that Grindelwald and Dumbledore were involved in ‘an intense relationship’.

Pigeon sells for R21.6 million

The bird had been nicknamed the ‘Lewis Hamilton of racing pigeons’.

Organising a wedding is like having a second job – study

Forty percent of respondents believe organising a wedding now is harder than it was 20 years ago.

Bucking the crisis, Greek microbreweries bubble to the fore

Bent over a barrel, Greek microbrewer Sophocles Panagiotou lovingly draws a measure of his Septem Red Ale into a glass cylinder and expertly transfers it to a glass.

‘Momo challenge’ stories a hoax

Messages from ‘Momo’ allegedly encouraged youngsters to engage in a variety of self-harming activities.

Dress to kill and win a five-star trip to the races in London

All you have to do is get dressed up to the nines and win the best-dressed competition, which takes place at Cape Town’s Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday.

Researchers have charted how long most new year’s resolutions last

New Year, Same You? is a survey that charts how long new year’s resolutions last, so that new resolution makers may know when their willpower will fail them.

Three great holiday reads

They’re the kind of holiday reading that is profound without being heavy, excellent without being overly wordy.

Why feeling younger than you are is good for you

One group of researchers even found that people with a lower subjective age have a younger looking brain.

PICS: All the adorable cuteness of this year World of Dogs & Cats expo

From a poodle named Daniel Craig to a dog that looks like a floor mop, this year’s expo again paid tribute to pets in all their adorable variety.

Razzle and dazzle at Durban July

Women channelled The Great Gatsby and male partners upped their style game.

Grand White Dinner another big hit

The event was held at SuperSport Park Stadium in Centurion on Saturday.

Pet cloning is not just for celebrities anymore

After photographer Monni Must’s 28-year-old daughter Miya committed suicide while in the midst of an abusive relationship, the grieving mother adopted Miya’s spunky black Labrador, Billy Bean.




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