Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-Door a supercar muncher cloaked as a sedan
This 2 200 kg full-house, full-sized, four-door machine gets to 100 km/h in a mere 3.5 sec, the quarter mile (400 m) in just 11.5 sec at over 200 km/h.
Throwing (the Jeep Grand Cherokee Track) hawk among pigeons
Being on the Highveld and using 95 octane petrol instead of something more at home in an aeroplane always contribute when comparing the numbers we achieve at Gerotek to those manufacturers claim
Nissan GT-R proves that it is still the real deal
It’s not just fast in a straight line, but it really can get through the twisties too.
Ford’s pony car still running wild
They are never going to carve up the Nurburgring and drill the Germans into submission
Roaring Lexus RC-F salutes the mighty V8
RC F really plays to the Lexus inconspicuous mantra from a styling perspective
New Audi A1 has upmarket appeal
Now, there is no easy way to put this topic on the table, but I must, it’s my job. It’s the ‘’P word’’.
New turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport a true pocket rocket

Premium New turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport a true pocket rocket

Automatic it is quicker off the line compared to the manual.

Audi TT S flies flag for small sports cars

Premium Audi TT S flies flag for small sports cars

Switch it to Dynamic mode as part of the five mode Drive Select system, the TT S becomes an animal.

Road tests Revived Toyota Supra simply magic

The crowd actually almost crawled over the adjacent car to get a glimpse of the Supra.

Road tests This Ranger not all that Wild on the Trak

This is the third instalment of our time with our long-term Ford Ranger Wildtrak and this week it is all about the new powertrain and drivetrain technology under the skin.

Road tests Hyundai Tucson Sport is an oil-burner with attitude

On my way back from Gerotek after testing this week, I spent way too much time thinking of terrible reality TV shows in trying to come up with a clever way to explain new car launches to you.

Road tests Revived Opel Corsa GSI doesn’t merit the iconic tag

The question of what makes a moniker great will undoubtedly involve a number of factors and answers. Whether it is reliability, quirkiness or performance, there will always be a connotation, good or bad, to a certain name that will be remembered for years to come.

Road tests BMW X2 M35i: Driving pleasure at a premium

BMW’s initial foray into the then-growing luxury SUV segment with the X5 20 years ago was of course a watershed moment for the automaker and one which turned out to be a resounding success after wide-scale criticism.

Road tests Mercedes-AMG C63 S sets the standard

I am sure you will pull all your hair out, one hair at a time, and do it slowly and painfully, if you hear me mention an SUV again.

Road tests Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 embraces the future

Somehow, I don’t think Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, the founders of AMG, would have believed a single word you had to say some 60 years ago, if you told them that their high-performance cars would benefit from electrically assisted power.

Road tests This Jaguar is the cat’s whiskers

Yip, it’s me again and we are talking SUVs again. I told you they are going to keep on coming and the Jaguar F-Pace SVR is a compact and seriously fast SUV. And not just fast in a straight-line, but unbelievably fast around corners too.

Road tests WATCH: Four-star progress but poor child protection in latest #SaferCarsforAfrica results

The chairperson of AA South Africa says that while achieving the minimum safety standard is appreciated, it’s not good enough.

Road tests DRIVEN: Volvo XC40 T3 manual is for the ladies

Volvo has become the benchmark in safety. Now add unbeatable design.

Road tests Volkswagen GTD lets you be a bit of a racer

XDS electronic diff lock up front and constantly adapting suspension do trick.

Road tests DRIVEN: Refreshed Kia Sportage is really rewarding

An extremely driveable vehicle at an extremely reasonable price.

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