During the raid, police recovered and seized 25 cellphones, two bags of pornographic DVDs and other paraphernalia.
The man cannot be identified because he has not made his first court appearance.
The victim told the Daily Voice that she had been lured to the nurse’s house under false pretences.
The party says the MEC should apologise and withdraw her comments encouraging parents to implement corporal punishment.
The hospital was opened in 1978, and with maintenance, had an expected lifespan of 100 years.
The government is trying to end subsidies by raising the price of fuel and electricity tariffs.

Third parties should take blame, not the EFF – Ngcukaitobi

Ngcukaitobi told the court that nothing the EFF said constituted hate speech or harassment.

Africa 1,800 dead as malaria ‘epidemic’ rages in Burundi – UN

The tiny country of 11 million people in the African Great Lakes region has still not declared a national emergency.

13 Gauteng SAPS officers convicted of crime while 124 are awaiting trial

Out of 13 SAPS convictions, four are for reckless and negligent driving and three for murder and attempted murder.

Kylie Jenner’s rose-covered-mansion sparks battle of the sexes on SA Twitter

This gesture is the latest in a series of countless over the top displays of affection between the pair who have been dating for over two years. 

Mthembu says ANC officials are dealing with CR17 campaign matters

The minister first announced, then cancelled a media briefing from ANC members involved in the CR17 campaign.

72 KZN schoolchildren injured as bus overturns

The details surrounding this incident are not yet known but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.

Alleged farm attacker dies after rolling victim’s bakkie

The suspects, alleged to have been driving at a high speed, lost control of the stolen vehicle and it overturned on the R57 road.

Two arrested after attempting to smuggle Vodacom tower batteries across the border

Eight Vodacom tower batteries were found during a routine stop and search operation at Beitbridge border post.

World China ‘won’t stand by idly’ if US deploys missiles in Asia

The statement is issued as tensions between the two countries heat up because of an escalating trade war.

The rest of the continent is watching, SA

The rest of the continent is watching, SA

Why do the targets of these raids appear to be only of African origin? One hardly ever hears of Chinatown being raided for counterfeit goods.

Grant me my final moment

Grant me my final moment

I made my friends pinkie-swear: They will not leave me in the car at my own funeral. I demand to take centre stage one final time.

Africa Eleven dead, dozens missing in DR Congo boat accident

Boat accidents are common in the vast country, typically caused by overloading of passengers and cargo.

Murder, ‘gay-hunters’ strike terror in Russia’s LGBT community

World Murder, ‘gay-hunters’ strike terror in Russia’s LGBT community

Even though the country decriminalised homosexuality in 1993, it remains a deeply homophobic society.

Police offer R50k reward for information on murder of mother, son

Lesang Motladile was preparing dinner for her family when two unknown men stormed in and started shooting randomly.

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