The virus is spread by contact with rat faeces or urine.
Dense clouds of the ravenous insects have spread from Ethiopia and Somalia into Kenya, in the region’s worse infestation in decades.
While those who can afford it get treated at private hospitals, many ordinary Zimbabweans have died because of a lack of medical attention.
According to Portuguese media reports, da Cunha was the head of private banking at Eurobic and the account manager of Isabel dos Santos.
Dubbed Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos is accused of using her father’s backing to plunder state funds from the oil-rich but poor southern African country.
This is part of an operation the military say is aimed officially at stopping the looting of nearby oil pipelines.

Africa Angola vows to bring back billionaire Dos Santos over graft claims

A trove of 715,000 files dubbed the ‘Luanda Leaks’ on Sunday revealed how the daughter of the former president allegedly moved the vast sums into overseas assets.

Africa Angolan ex-president Dos Santos denies ties to daughter’s alleged graft

Isabel dos Santos is accused of using state-owned firms to divert over a billion dollars for her personal enrichment, allegations she denies.

Africa Lesotho PM confirms resignation after alleged link to wife’s murder

Thabane’s 58-year-old wife Lipolelo was gunned down by unknown assailants on the outskirts of the capital in June 2017.

Africa Malawi army denies homophobia motive for beating of transgender woman

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Malawi face routine violence and discrimination in almost all aspects of their daily lives.

Africa Zimbabwe authorities seize Mugabe nephew’s farm

Economic output fell by half following the land seizures which started in 2000 and the country’s economy has struggled since then.

Africa Lesotho’s prime minister agrees to resign following obstruction of justice allegations

Thomas Thabane is accused of obstructing the investigation into the alleged murder of his previous wife by his current one.

Africa Mozambique president says gas wealth to benefit all

At his swearing-in ceremony, Nyusi promised to set up a sovereign wealth fund to diversify the economy and serve as a ‘saving for future generations’.

Africa Sausage trees, teachers and Zimbabwe’s education crisis

The cost of living in Africa’s former ‘breadbasket’ is dire.

Africa Still a dark continent? Power supply grid rollout stalls across Africa

SA is far from alone in its battle to keep the lights on, or even installed in the first place.

Africa Lesotho’s first lady reportedly ‘on the run’ after being accused of murder

The Mountain Kingdom has found itself at the centre of a dramatic crime story threatening to further destabilise its politics.

Africa Zimbabwe VP’s wife sues husband over access to children, house

The businesswoman and former model wants the courts to urgently order the vice president to hand over their children, aged eight, seven and five.

Africa Lesotho PM’s party seeks his resignation ‘over wife’s murder’

In court documents seen this week, the country’s police chief accused Thomas Thabane of involvement in the killing of Lipolelo Thabane.

Africa Al-Shabaab warns of more attacks against Kenya, US interests

‘Tourists and travellers visiting the country are hereby warned that there will no longer be any safe sightseeing or safari trips in Kenya,’ the terror group said.

Africa Museveni is ‘a perfect emulation of Idi Amin’, says EFF after Bobi Wine’s arrest

‘Uganda cannot call itself a democracy when it doesn’t respect the basic political right of freedom of assembly,’ the party says.

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