Grant me my final moment
I made my friends pinkie-swear: They will not leave me in the car at my own funeral. I demand to take centre stage one final time.
Foreign investment accelerating at a faster rate than GDP
2018 saw the highest foreign direct investment numbers in the last five years, a much-needed encouraging fact against a rather dismal backdrop.
Last week, up to 40 dogs were poisoned in Florida, Roodepoort, alone.
The smell of dope mixed with that of dust as 17 pairs of feet shuffled on to what used to pass for a soccer field in that part of the world.
It is probably true that Ramaphosa is the only person in government who could save SA. Unfortunately, he also appears to lack the courage to do so.
Shocking umpiring rattles Test cricket’s bails
By the end of the day, the umpires were so starved of confidence that they were even checking so-called bump-ball catches.
Orchids and Onions: Banking on the Boks

Columns Orchids and Onions: Banking on the Boks

FNB shares and Orchid with Grid for a thought-provoking advert, while Checkers gets half an Onion for trying to put lipstick on chemical pigs called ‘beers’.

The universe and our Bug-Eyed Monster problem

Columns The universe and our Bug-Eyed Monster problem

If we find another civilisation in the galaxy, should we make contact or not? The late Stephen Hawking thought not.

Columns Happiness is an angry lioness and ‘hakuna matata’

Watching ‘Lion King’ taught me a lot about the most interesting animal of all – ‘Homo sapiens’.

To me, Joburg Zoo’s World Elephant Day is exploitative

Perhaps putting environmental ethics in the school curriculum from a young age would be a more effective way than getting kids to look at animals in cages.

So … you think Mkhwebane is fighting White Monopoly Capital, do you?

This is a column that’s mostly about what may be the worst oil deal in human history. But it’s also about possibly the worst public protector we could have.

Columns Zuma can fool the people only once

When he claimed that senior ANC members Ngoako Ramatlhodi and Siphiwe Nyanda were paid by the apartheid system to spy against their own in the ANC, you could see the lie.

Columns Youth structures need proper leadership

I’ll tell you why the ANCYL has become a shadow of its former glory: instead of shaping and training young minds, it has become a meal ticket.

Eskom’s risk profile poses challenges for debt restructuring

Its ‘chief restructuring office’ will need a proper understanding of the utility’s real loss.

Columns Most road accidents don’t happen ‘by accident’

Severe car crashes leave accident victims and their families with the daunting task of picking up the pieces and rebuilding their lives.  

Columns On Guard: The 5 Don’ts of personal protection

The things we should not do are often more important than the things we should do when it comes to our safety.

Columns Truth will set us free … from the ANC

The truth is, the ANC is rotten to the core. If truth is allowed to thrive and is methodically tested in open court, the ANC will be rent asunder.

Columns Lessons from the herbivores

But, thankfully, there the comparison ends. Firstly, a sloth is a herbivore, and I don’t fancy salads, never mind leaves.

Zille and IRR: What’s inside is exactly what’s on the box

The Institute of Race Relations is not focused on stabilising ‘race relations’ but on arguing for reform, says its head of media.

Columns Thank goodness for good luck

I am mortified at a current competition offered by a local radio station, which is offering the cosmetic surgery of your choice as the big prize.

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