The union held talks with 21 of the 26 public universities of which 18 have agreed to join the shutdown.
Municipal buildings remained closed on Monday due to the ongoing protest in QwaQwa, Free State.
She accused him of having an ‘unhealthy obsession’ with her marriage.
Metrorail has apologised for the behaviour of a ticket conductor who was trying to ensure people were sitting in carriages according to their ‘class’.
Locals barricaded roads in protest against undocumented foreign nationals.
The community believes foreign nationals in the area committed the crime.

Local News Protesters in Newcastle loot foreign-owned shops

Shops owned by foreigners have been looted on at least three separate occasions in Newcastle.

Protests Diepsloot residents build barricades as protest action against foreign nationals continues

According to JMPD chief of police, David Tembe, the R511 is currently closed, and access from William Nicol Drive and the N14 has been blocked.

Protests ‘Mosa would be alive’ if we had water, says mother during QwaQwa protest

Health services have almost collapsed in the area due to the water crisis protest, which entered its third day on Wednesday.

Protests Day two of silent protest begins as investigations into Enock’s death continue

A small group gathered outside Parktown Boys High School on Tuesday morning, and vows to return until the truth is revealed.

Protests Medical staff trapped in volatile QwaQwa as residents demand water

A hospital employee called on the government to deploy military medical services to the hospital and clinics to prevent the situation from escalating further.

Protests ‘Enoch’s life worth less than the price of a life jacket’ – protester outside Parktown Boys High

A toxic silence has surrounded Parktown Boys High School following the death of 13-year old Enoch Mpianzi, protesters said on Tuesday.

Protests WATCH: QwaQwa hospital severely affected by chaotic protest for water

The situation remains tense in QwaQwa following violent protests over chronic water shortages.

Protests WATCH: Tyres burnt, roads blocked in QwaQwa protest over water

Protestors took to the streets demanding an answer to the chronic water shortage in the town.

Protests Angry parents blockade N1 in Beaufort West over lack of school transport

The road was closed for almost four hours after parents were angered by a decision by the Western Cape education department to cancel a school bus service for pupils.

Protests Security guard company locks offices in Mpumalanga over salary dispute

Security guards sent officials packing and said they will not open the offices until they receive their salaries.

Protests Protestors slam new Indian bill as anti-Muslim

The passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens sparked a backlash from protesters including students.

Protests Hundreds detained as protests rage across India

‘We cannot stay silent or on the fringes anymore. We have to act now,’ says financial advisor Aman Verma.

Protests Gatherings banned in parts of Delhi after India citizenship law demos

The ban in some Muslim-dominated districts of New Delhi followed the arrests of hundreds of people elsewhere in India.

Protests Centurion residents block road over electricity woes

Some residents said they had no power for seven days, severely affecting business owners and households with young children.

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