An easy-to-eat and make lunch box treat
These oven baked, finger food sized bites are also freezer friendly so they can be prepared in advance.
Some schools’ codes of conduct have been viewed as highly discriminatory against specific racial groups.
Now is an opportune time to ask some difficult questions about whether we are doing enough to give our country’s children the education they deserve, laments Dr Mamphela Ramphele.
As schools around the country opened their doors for the new academic year last week, many parents were left cash-strapped after having to dig deep into their pockets for uniforms and stationery

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By the time the new school year begins in January, most parents are chomping at the bit to get their little ones dressed and through the gates.

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It can be a scary thing to start Grade 1, but wise Grade 2s from Redhill Primary School share their advice on how to make a success of the upcoming school year.

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