‘Positive father-daughter relationships are equally as important as that of a mother and her daughter’.
There is a constant tug-of-war between doing what you think is right, and doing what you think other parents believe is right.
We need to raise a school generation that is inclusive of all family dynamics.
The first few months of a new baby’s life can leave a father feeling useless and powerless to help his needy baby and frazzled wife.
Have you seen the T-shirt slogan: Dads don’t babysit (it’s called “parenting)?
New parenthood is hard, whether you are a man or a woman

‘Mommy, my brain won’t listen to me’

What we don’t know about the child with ADHD

I chose life, I chose my kids

What do you do when you have lost almost everything? You run. And you don’t stop running.

The horrors of fatherhood

The horrors of fatherhood are unlike any you will have seen or felt before.

When your child gets ‘body-shamed’ on the playground

What can we as parents do to help teach our children how to be respectful towards others?

Not even ‘The Professionals’ know what to do

Not even the professionals can give you a definitive answer, they can only give you their best guess.

The earlier the sex talk the better

If you don’t have “The Talk” early with your child, they will hear it from someone else, and might not be what you want them to hear.

Dear Herschelle Gibbs, from a child whose dad didn’t pay maintenance

I get that you might not want to be a dad right now, or ever.

Sometimes I think parents need to lean back, not in

Consciously parenting is knowing when to lean back and when to lean in. How can a parent know when to do what?

From tiger to free-range parents – what research says about pros and cons of popular parenting styles

What’s the best way to raise your child? It’s a question that has provoked the publication of numerous books, and seen authors race to coin the next quirky name for a new style of parenting.

Building a better child

You as a parent want only the best for your child. And the best might not necessarily mean the most expensive, but rather that you will not tolerate a poor level of training, especially in your child’s developmental years

Too much love: helicopter parents could be raising anxious, narcissistic children

Children are living at home for longer, so parents have more time to be overly protective of them.

The cycle of fatherlessness

The statistics are shocking, showing over 60% of South African kids are in homes without fathers.

5 reasons why I don’t agree with the anti-vax movement

As one mom on Facebook, so eloquently put it: “People say ‘well what did people do before vaccines/antibiotics/pasteurisation?’ as if that’s an argument for going natural. They died, Carol. A lot of people died.”

Geocaching – an outdoor family activity

In this day and age, while technology rules the roost, getting our kids outdoors can be difficult. Surfing the Web on Ipads, “connecting” with friends through social media apps on smartphones, or (if you’re old-school) playing games on Xbox or PlayStation, often takes preference over getting out, running around, rolling on the grass and jumping in the pool.




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