Going through ‘what if’ scenarios might be one way to make children aware.
Some gaming is okay, but it should not interfere with family and friend relationships
Firstly, teachers’ most fundamental needs must be addressed.
Helping your kids navigate this transition can be difficult, but it is necessary.
Take a look at these three ways matrics can develop their digital skills and stand out.
How can parents help their children navigate their way out of the anxiety of failing matric or performing poorly?

Our Kids How old should kids be to get phones

Every kid should have their own cell phone. Or should they?

Our Kids Episode – Choose Your Story: the inappropriate game your kids have probably played

The game’s players are able to customise their own storyline, which can then be ‘featured’ and shared with other players. The catch is, there’s more than 12 million creators – and the content isn’t exactly well-regulated.

Baby Water Safety

With Olympic swimming legend and CEO of The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa, Ryk Neethling.

Our Kids 10 ways to encourage your child to talk to you

I’ve been pondering this question for a while now. I suspect that, as my kids get older, they might not always want to tell me what’s in their hearts.

Parenty Sex education raises questions about the role of the state in South Africa

South Africa’s new sex education curriculum is seen by some as infringing on the rights of parents.

Our Kids How to deal with a disappointing report card

End-of-year-report-time can make both parents and children anxious. Here are some tips to deal with receiving a ‘bad’ report card.

Our Kids 5 must-see family movies to watch in cinemas this holiday season

The Parenty team picks the must-watch kid- (and adult) friendly movies for the festive season.

Our Kids Could these new spectacles help kids with ADHD?

May assist ADHD sufferers who suffer from sleep disorders.

Our Kids The holiday season is not full of cheer for all families

Parenting a child with special needs? Desirae Pillay gives some ideas on how to cope with the upcoming holiday season.

Our Kids 7 calming phrases to help your anxious child

When faced with your anxious child, you can use the following phrases to help them identify, acknowledge and work through these overwhelming emotions.

Our Kids How to make the most of the upcoming holidays

Parenty’s resident OT, Anneke de Jager, gives us some ideas on what to do when school holidays roll around in a few weeks.

Our Kids Children and sleep: How much do they really need?

Research shows that night waking in infancy is associated with behavioural control challenges at three and four years of age.

Our Kids How much sleep do teenagers really need?

Research shows that physical activity and avoiding screens before bed are both strategies to protect your teenagers’ sleep.

Our Kids Is the future of schooling virtual?

We spoke to Rob Paddock, ex-Getsmarter founder, about his new venture, Valenture Institute whose “doors” open in January 2020.




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