There’s a 15-year age gap between my oldest and my youngest.
‘Whoever you are protecting sir, whatever you are not telling us, please know that in his death, Enock deserved more, he deserved the truth, even if it is too late.’
Parenting in this age of the abundance of information has hit the grandparents hardest.
One mom shares her story about using play therapy to deal with the death of a loved one.
What should parents budget for and what factors should they consider?
Being a single mother is never easy and this mom talks about raising her boys on her own for eight tough years.

Health Our autism journey

The confirmation that my son has autism and ADHD was worse than the speculation.

Back to School It’s back to school time

The hardest part about parenting is never being able to use the phrase ‘I’m not a morning person’ – for perpetuity.

Living How quickly should we lose the post-baby weight?

We all have, what I like to call ‘vulnerability zones’ and this post walks straight into the middle of one such ‘vulnerability zone’ for me!

Parenty FESTIVE BURNOUT! Why we love to hate the end of the year

This week on ‘The Great Equalizer’, Sam scares the hell out of her child (again), Charlene is done with birthday parties, and we’re calling BS on the festive season.

Fitness and health Regular exercise could improve the cardiovascular health of overweight kids

The researchers say the study shows that children need easy access aerobic activities which will encourage them to stay physically active.

Parenty Should you give your nanny a December bonus?

At the end of the day, she is an employee trying to make ends meet and wants to have a fun Christmas too.

Parenty The Great Equalizer: Let’s go back to the beginning

Get to know the Great Equalizer Podcast again.

Parenty Your family-friendly weekend gig guide

Four must-see things to do your with family this weekend

Our Kids Best TV series to watch with your children

Bond with your kids with our pick of TV shows.

Parenty Tips on getting through the holidays healthy

The holidays are here but how do you and your famlily stay healthy?

Parenty Why do families protect sexual predators?

We need to hold child abusers, even our own family members, accountable.

Parenty Your December holiday calendar for kids is here

We’ve got the first two weeks of the school holidays sorted. Your December holiday guide has landed.

Parenty Homeschool parents could face jail time

The Parenty team looks into new legislation to be passed by the DBE, forcing parents to register their children who are homeschooled.

Parenty The effects of gender-based violence on children

As we enter the third day of the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence, we must ask how GBV affects our children.




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