The rest of the continent is watching, SA

The rest of the continent is watching, SA

Screengrab of a video showing foreign nationals attacking police in the Johannesburg CBD, 2 August 2019.

Why do the targets of these raids appear to be only of African origin? One hardly ever hears of Chinatown being raided for counterfeit goods.

The streets of Johannesburg resembled a war zone on Thursday following the police raids of shops in the city centre. The raids are apparently part of Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s O Kae Molao (loosely translated to “where is the law?”) campaign aimed at enforcing by-laws. Shop owners who felt hard done by banded together and fought back, in some cases pelting law enforcement officers with stones, driving them back. Within a short space of time the narrative in the media had changed to “foreigners are attacking the police”. These were no longer just shop owners fighting to hang on to...




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