The Great Equalizer Podcast – Why modern moms are so damn tired

Rachel Kolisi

Parenty has joined forces with The Great Equalizer, an unfiltered, honest and (at times) irreverent account of the realities of being a parent in modern-day South Africa.

This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam and Charlene pinpoint exactly why modern moms are so damn tired… While Harper’s Bazaar dubbs it ’emotional labour’, we call it The Mother Load:

The Mother Load is doing ‘all the things’. It’s finding a way to balance date night and quality time with each child while making sure the fridge is stocked, school fees are paid and there’s water in the cat’s bowl. Have you shaved your underarms? Did you respond to that text? Are you a good friend? Have the grandparents seen your kids enough this month? Do you have a babysitter for that work event on Thursday? The Mother Load is fighting age-old ingrained inequality but learning to do so without hurting an engaged partner’s feelings because… You didn’t marry an asshole.

When we stop whining, we chat to Rachel Kolisi, who is so much more than our rugby captain’s wife. Rachel chats motherhood, self-worth and RISE – a new women-empowerment initiative she founded with trainer and health coach Tammy Rawstron. These ladies are set to combat mommy wars and bitch fights one burpee at a time. Tune in to find out how.




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